Plaza Rooftop venue

Take your event to the top with Tupelo’s new, exclusive rooftop venue!

Experience event perfection at our exclusive rooftop party venue, where the Tupelo skyline sets the stage for unforgettable moments! Perched above downtown and Main Street, our venue offers a sophisticated setting for your next celebration. With panoramic views stretching almost to all sides, guests are treated to a breathtaking backdrop that elevates any occasion. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event, a lively birthday celebration, or a romantic wedding reception, our rooftop oasis provides the perfect atmosphere to impress and delight.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of the city below to create an ambiance that leaves a lasting impression. Our rooftop venue offers unparalleled versatility for any occasion. Elevate your next event to new heights and make memories that will last a lifetime at our premier Plaza Rooftop Venue!

A View From the Top

Downtown Tupelo has transformed into one of the city’s most sought after locations for dining, events and lodging. The Plaza Rooftop Venue follows that exciting momentum with amazing views and ample accommodations.

Catered or Casual

With room to move on our 3,000 square foot rooftop locale, our patrons are limited only by their imaginations for events they want to plan.

Reach for the stars.

Making an event special doesn’t just depend on the theme and those attending. Location has so much to do with setting things apart. Give your guests a party with a view on the rooftop!

A new tradition

PRV is one of Tupelo’s newest event venues. That means something exciting for those who haven’t experience (and that’s a lot!). Get in while the gettin’s good!


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165 Person Maximum